Hagley Park - Welfare centre closed

13:42 Feb 23 2011 Hagley park, Christchurch

  Emergency Supplies (Free food, ec)   Recovery/ Welfare Centres

The public are being advised that Hagley Park has reached full capacity, and those in need of a welfare centre are encouraged, if possible, to make their way to either Pioneer or Cowles Stadium.

Buses are being put on this afternoon to take additional people in need of welfare from Hagley Park round to Cowles and Pioneer Stadiums. For further information phone: or or visit:

according to water is provided in the welfare centers as well, not sure about supplies/food

Hageley Park centre is closed to new people and will likely be shut on the evening of 23/2.

Extra welfare centres have been opened in response.
These are at

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Hagley Park - Welfare centre closed

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