The Christchurch Recovery Map no longer provides up-to-date information. We have stopped our efforts because the normal communications channels have resumed. Thank you to the volunteers and organisations that have provided information to over 100,000 Cantabrians.

We recommend you visit or call the quake helpline at for current information. If you would like any specific report removed from this site, please email crisiscampnz

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TITLE Location Date
Awesome, power back on in St Martins. Thank... 19:45 Apr 16
looks like electricity god (Roger... 19:44 Apr 16
Neighbors checking on neighbors. Disasters... 19:16 Apr 16
we're still without power,... 19:16 Apr 16
we have deployed our iPhones,... 19:13 Apr 16
Sitting in our lounge in the dark. Mr 10... 18:46 Apr 16
we're not moving anywhere. It takes... 18:40 Apr 16
According to my father who lives on the... 18:33 Apr 16
Water monitoring data spreadsheet #chch... 14:54 Apr 11
crap, you're probably right.... 21:15 Apr 10
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