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What We Do

We collect reports of damage, help needed, shelters, and other information useful to people in Christchurch. Some of our reports come from known sources such as Environment Canterbury and the Civil Defence. We don't yet have formal systems in place for exchanging data with these groups, so volunteers regularly visit their web sites and report new information.

Other reports come in from individuals on the ground in Christchurch. Our volunteers filter these reports to remove duplicates, update old information etc. When possible, our volunteers will verify the information in these reports - sometimes by checking against official sources, other times by phoning a business to find out whether they're open!

"We're breaking all of the rules, even our own rules and how do we do that? By leaving plenty of room for X quantities." -- John Cage

Our volunteers are the X quantity - thanks for getting involved.

The situation in Christchurch is constantly changing, and we are adapting our systems and workflow as the situation demands. As a result there may be moments where you wonder what is going on. This is completely normal! Please don't be discouraged - read through the information here, view the training videos, make contact, ask questions and lend a hand.

What You can Do


***Please note: we are no longer accepting new volunteers as of Friday 11 March 2011.***




    • Volunteers: 
    • Media: Nat Torkington,  (Skype: )
    • Technical: Rob Coup,  (Skype: )
    • If you have any questions, ask on the IRC channel or in the "EQNZ - Volunteer Support" Skype channel. There's usually someone there who can answer your query.