Welfare centre at Pioneer Stadium - OPEN, has showers

20:00 Mar 7 2011 75 Lyttelton Street, Spreydon

  Shelters - No pets   Showers

UPDATE: 3rd March, still open.

UPDATE: 5th March, Pioneer Stadium is no longer able to accept donations of food and does not have washing and dryer facilities

(77 people currently located here) Please note showers close at Pioneer at 8pm and open again at 9am

A further new welfare centre at Pioneer Stadium, 75 Lyttelton Street, Spreydon is reported as open (Feb 23 @ 21h), with plenty of capacity and water

according to water is provided in the welfare centers as well, not sure about supplies/food

As of Civil Defense Update 68 they are advertising that SHOWERS are available here from 9am-8pm
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Welfare centre at Pioneer Stadium - OPEN, has showers

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