Food distribution point - Grace Vineyard Beach Campus church

15:25 Mar 1 2011 111 seaview road, new brighton

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Central distribution point for food etc is 111 Seaview Rd New Brighton - Grace Vineyard Beach Campus Church #eqnz

Organisation website points to this site as also being a drop in centre.


Welfare Centre a few metres down the road from Beach Campus, the Roy Stokes Hall at 140 Seaview Rd, New Brighton (opp the Police Station)

"This Hall is now the major distribution centre for the East side of Christchurch, stocked with food, drinking water, clothes, sanitary needs, cleaning products, toiletries and candles. http://www.grace.org.nz/home

Open every day from 9am till 6pm, many thousands of people are queuing to collect these free supplies, and we also have friendly people to advise and encourage them. At different times we have various social services, like WINZ, the Dept of Social Development, Free Law Advice, Counselling, Prayer,Physiotherapists and even the local MP, all set up to help people."
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Food distribution point - Grace Vineyard Beach Campus church

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