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Princess Margaret Hospital 0 Verified

21:54 Mar 07, 2011

Assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services Older Persons Health Specialists Services Psychiatric Services for the elderly A 24 hour ‘Transit Lounge’...

95 Cashmere Road Cashmere 8022 christchurch

Trauma hospital open 0 Verified

18:27 Mar 07, 2011

St George's Hospital is now back to normal operation. Please note that the location of some services and tenants may have temporarily changed.

St Georges Hospital

Burwood Hospital 0 Verified

13:44 Mar 07, 2011

Operating now Allied heath services including outpatients Brain Injury serices including outpatients, hospital or respite care Meas on Wheels in LIncoln...

255 Mairehau Road Burwood 8083


Triage Centres Doctors/Surgeries Dental Services

Community Medical Centre, Cowles Stadium, Pages Road 0 Verified

13:00 Mar 06, 2011

The Australian Army Field Hospital staff who are operating the Community Medical Centre at Cowles Stadium have seen more than 600 patients since they...

Pages road coles stadium

The Latimer Square triage centre remains open 0 Verified

13:15 Feb 28, 2011

The Latimer Square & Canterbury University triage centres remain open. 70% of GPs are up and running. The 24 hour surgery on Bealy Avenue is open.

Latimer Square, christchurch

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) HQ 0 Unverified

16:42 Feb 24, 2011

The Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) HQ is based at Latimer Square. Latimer Square is a Triage Area

latimer square, christchurch, new zealand

Emergency Triage Centre - Canterbury University - OPEN 1 Verified

07:45 Feb 24, 2011

Emergency triage centre for the injured is operating at Canterbury University Civil Defense update #29 @ 24 Feb 2011 0745

Canterbury University, Christchurch

Emergency Triage Centre - Sanitarium Building, Papanui - OPEN 0 Verified

07:45 Feb 24, 2011

Emergency triage centres for the injured are operating at Latimer Square and Canterbury University and the Sanitarium Building in Papanui Civil Defense...

Sanitarium Building, Papanui


Pharmacies Triage Centres

After-hours clinic at Moorhouse Medical Centre will be open tomorrow (24/02) between 8 am and 8pm. 0 Verified

23:10 Feb 23, 2011

After-hours clinic at Moorhouse Medical Centre will be open tomorrow (24/02) between 8 am and 8pm.

Moorhouse Medical Centre, Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch


Pharmacies Triage Centres

Pegasus 24-hour medical centre in Bealey Avenue open 0 Verified

23:07 Feb 23, 2011

The Pegasus 24-hour medical centre in Bealey Avenue is open tonight and the after-hours clinics at Moorhouse Medical Centre and the Riccarton Clinic will...

Bealey Ave Christchurch


Triage Centres Birthing Units

Christchurch Women’s Hospital - OPEN 0 Verified

13:08 Feb 23, 2011

CDHB Update 19 - christchurch women's hospital: Main Reception: (03)

Christchurch Women’s Hospital, 2 Riccarton Avenue